Balique is original eatery located in the peaceful fishing village of Jimbaran in Southern Bali. The traditional seaside village and Balique suit each other harmoniously, as Balique pays homage to all the best flavours from the Indonesian islands and beyond. If you appreciate an authentic step into the past in stunning surroundings with teamed with objects d’art, as well as an incredible menu and delicious cocktails – you have arrived home.

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balique restaurant

You will be in awe under the whirring fans, open style roof and the trinkets and treasures that embellish every corner of the restaurant. No detail is overlooked. The magic found at Balique is at the hands of talented owner and interior designer Zohra Boukhari. Those with a particular interest in interior design can head to Balquisse Living and steal a piece of the magic. Balique is a fascinating spectacle to gaze at, this restaurant was built on the foundations of unconditional family love. Which is why almost all of the staff have worked there since the day they opened their doors.

balique restaurant

balique restaurant

balique restaurant


Lit by a multitude of lamps by interior designers, partners and owners Zohra and Blaise’s trademark style of shades, the stage is set for this amazing venue. Their passion for finding antiques and curios from all over the archipelago primarily began for their interior clientele and now Balique showcases the best of their personal collection – and what an amazing collection it is to behold.

As previously mentioned Balique is family run business with family at the heart of everything they do. Owners Zohra and Blaise keep a close relationship with all their staff, many of which have been their since the day they opened.


Even more amazing is the story of Ibu Made. Ibu Made began working with the family as a babysitter, taking care of the children and also preparing meals for the family. She kept this role for more than 20 years, but eventually the children grew up and learned to take care of themselves. This is when the family decided to put Ibu’s amazing cooking knowledge and skills to good use in Balique kitchen.

Balique’s team is a family ready to welcome you home.

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